BWIblog #4 – Italian Rant

Okay so, don’t get me started, yes I do like my Italian teacher but sometimes she prefers not to like me instead.

Last week on a typical Monday at school, I was calmly waiting outside our Italian classroom, carrying my school bag and everything I needed out of my locker because Italian was the last subject I had before rehearsal after school. I got inside the room content, did the usual stuff, said ciao to my classmates and my professor when said professor suddenly gathered us up in front of the class and brought up the topic of anyone writing articles in English. So it went like this:

“Oh… and yeah! Does anyone here like writing? In English and all that?” asks the professore.

I was kind of out of my mind that time, and since it’s not a lie that I actually like writing in articles in English (the only language I could really ever write a proper article in), I immediately rose my hand up.

Let’s call the teacher Prof T. So Prof T was delighted that someone has actually raised their hand up! But then not even a millisecond later, I saw her eyes flickering in thought between me and something behind me. Later on I find out it was a someone. She was like, “Okay, you guys can write the newsletter article for me then? Grazie.” Inside, I was deeply confused. Why not just choose me? I was the only one who raised my hand up anyway?

Turns out my friend (she’s my closest friend, but fine, she can be quite a bitch at times okay?) also raised my hand, as soon as I did too.

So she started prompting me with ideas on what to write. We didn’t get to do much in that session because we were kind of preoccupied chatting with a little guy friend of ours we treat as a brother already. That night as I got home, I finished up typing the article and sacrificed an hour of my sleep because I forgot all about it, and I though it was urgent. My very useful friend did not even bother inquiring with me about the article even though she says she’ll help with it, but you know, no hard feelings?

Now the whole newsletter is published, and…

I see nothing of any of my article in there. Not my name on it, not a single bit of word I wrote on it. Where was my Italian article about our excursion? Nowhere. Gone. Changed.

Wow I have never felt so betrayed in my entire life.

BWIblog #3 – The Cocktail Mania

Just recently I caught up with a longtime friend of mine who lives in Paris. I’ll call this friend Soixante Quinze, or better yet known as French 75.

So French 75 and I talked about a lot of things, fooled around, and basically had fun for that short amount of time. I had lots of fun, I should say, because I kept on going on and on about stuff the whole time.

French 75 asked me, “So what’s up with your life lately? Anything eventful?”

I thought about her question for a moment, until this very weird grin formed on my face and my head did this odd lurching thing to the side where she was walking beside me. It was almost like Jeff the Killer was hanging out with an old friend and the said friend gets suspicious about him being a murderer so he asks, and that leaves no choice for Jeff but just grin maliciously and kill the friend. Lol.

Anyways, what I basically did was shock French 75 about my dedication towards cocktails.

Yes, yes. I know she asked about events in my life, but I couldn’t help it and just rambled on about different types of cocktails and the sort for the rest of the remaining time. I told her that when I was a little bit younger, I found this show called Bartender and was immediately swooned over the classy and artsy cocktails Ryu Sasakura made.

The thing is, I haven’t had any cocktails yet in my entire life. It sounds so ironic but I can’t just waltz inside a bar looking all underaged and stuff. I’m one of those people who will still look like a middle schooler even after 20.

But I badly want to try them! All of them! I’ve got this Google Doc I started up a little bit late 2 years ago (?) named The Cocktail Guide, which has all of my favourite cocktails’ (and still counting) basic facts and recipes you can make at home. The downside is, I can’t make them at home or else my housemates will flip their shit once they see multiple bottles of rum and whiskey lying around around our kitchen island.

And yeah that was it. Don’t you guys think Mint Julep is such a cute cocktail? Mint Julep is probably my go-to cocktail next to Daiquiris and Mai Tai when I’m feeling fruity.

My Lovely Readers,

By the way, I’m trying to keep my website accessible for all ages. You may have noticed that there’s a blank space on the spot that should have a swear word in it, but that’s only because I want kids to be able to read my stuff too. If you really are keen to read the swear word (I don’t get why you’ll ever be, but), just highlight the space where the word should be and it would come out in a white font. Thank you!

BWIblog #2 – Alter Polars?!

As promised in the last blog, I will be explaining my alter polars!

Polar #1 – Rika

Rika is my first polar. Why the first? Let me explain which polar Rika is first. She is the introverted polar! Rika is somehow silent most of the times, but she’s certainly not shy at all. She tends to come off as someone who dismisses your existence with just one gaze. From a scale of 1 to 10, how intelligent is she? I’ll say nine.

Rika is the ‘first’ polar because I found out about her way earlier than the other one. Many people told me that I’m completely shameless, because they meet me as someone who’s really mature and headstrong but as soon as they get to know me much better, I’m the complete opposite!

So back in where I used to live, they had these whole graded ranking system every month or quarterly (as you may have already guess, it’s somewhere in Asia). Somehow I’m always the top student, I guess? I always get Rank #1. Apparently I was really smart and knows my stuff an average kid my age shouldn’t even be aware of yet.

I remember when I was really young, kids wouldn’t come anywhere near me unless we knew each other pretty well. It was because I was really quiet and ‘too mature for them’. I don’t know, I was really clueless about what they meant, then later on, I found out my personality was called being introverted.

Rika speaks four languages and a dialect, but she mostly speaks Japanese. She enjoys typing, reading, and other quiet hobbies too.

(She’s lazy, let’s all accept it).


Polar # 2 – Rian

Rian!!! That’s me, the one typing this.

My second polar is Rian, which means she is the opposite of what my first polar Rika is. Rian is ambiverted and obviously much more outgoing than Rika.

What do we really need to know about Rian? Hmm… to sum it up, she’s the alter ego of Rika! Basically, Rian is what Rika isn’t. Outgoing, loud, ditzy, sporty, things like those. As mentioned in the previous blog, she speaks the same languages as Rika but speaks more in her mother tongue which is Korean.

I remember cursing every single teacher I used to have that made me present in front of an entire crowd countless of times. Whenever I hear the word presentation, it’s just like my world has gone crumbling down. I hated it to the core, well, that’s what my other polar says anyway.

Others don’t know how much Rian has saved my introverted ass whenever we had to present something in front of everyone. I may seem like I’m about to pass out from the stress, and that my knees are about to give up due to their furious trembling, but as soon as I get up to present my piece, it’s like I turn a complete 180° when standing on the stage. Rian never ceased to amaze everyone in the crowd watching.

So yeah, that’s basically it. If you have any personal questions about them like what their favourite foods are or what their peeves are, just leave a comment and I’ll make sure to answer them in the most entertaining way possible.

Thank you!

BWIblog #1 -Nice to Meet You!

Hi there! I’m about to do that really cringey author introduction on the first chapter.

Nice to meet you! My name is Bwi, or at least I try to go by the name of, and this isn’t the first time I’m making a blog. I’ve heard of WordPress way back before I even gave my first blogging experience a go. Now I’m taking a break with my other writing activities to give WordPress a go!

Okay fine, so there’s thing called alter ego right. I don’t have it, I swear, but I have an ‘another me’ still. What I have is not an alter ego, but an alter polar (if that’s even a thing). I have two polars which I named accordingly: Rika and Rian.

I’ll explain them further into my next blog.

So to cut it short, it’s Rian who owns this blog, thus making it Rian’s Blog! Get it? I’ll also explain the meaning of my website title in a separate blog.

So, hi! I’m Rian, who goes by the name of Bwi, and I’m ** years old. My birthday is on the 7th of July. I can speak four languages plus one dialect, but I mostly speak Korean (and English). I really like typing, like my twin Rika. I’m also into quality music so just hit me up when you need recommendations! Welcome to my website 🙂

What I post in this blog… well basically music recommendations, showing you my edits, and telling you more about me! I’m very relatable, I swear (my creator says so).

So please! Share my blogs everywhere. It’ll be much appreciated. I also can get a little philosophical, but I’ll leave that to Rika. Oh please, this website is supposed to make you feel good and just laugh!

Thank you!